Double pendulum simulation

Press x/z to select options, use arrow keys to navigate options.

Props to Micael Oliveira for their excellent Javascript double pendulum implementation, from which this cartridge is based.

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AuthorCraig Tinney
Made withPICO-8


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Impressive accomplishment in what I assume is a tiny code size. I love the fading trail. A couple of things don't seem quite right to me but I really don't know what. Some guesses: a) Perhaps there is a decay/friction fudge factor that you have set so it actually adds a little energy on each iteration? Makes it a little more exciting to begin with, but then it just goes berzerk. b) This one is more subtle and may be my intuition playing tricks on me. Sometimes it looks to me as if the joint between the two arms is "too stiff" - little or no change when my intuition tells me it should be changing more. (But other times I don't see that; in fact sometimes the outer pendulum spins more crazily than I'd expect. Dunno.)

Anyway, impressive.

Thank you for the kind words!

The erratic movement of the pendulum getting faster and faster is something I am aware of and I actually fixed in an update a short while back. However it seems I neglected to update the version seen here, so thank you for reminding me to fix this!

There's now a speed variable which should 1) resolve the issue of speeding up too much and 2) provide a way to watch this demo in slow motion.