It's one of those break out games! In this game the player uses the mouse to place blocks move the paddle to bounce the balls around the screen.

Press X to insert coin

Would love to know people's thoughts and suggestions for improvement :)

AuthorCraig Tinney
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Breakout, PICO-8


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Hey I enjoyed this game a lot!  I found it from searching the "breakout" tag (one I have also populated).  Focusing on controlling two places at once felt like a unique modifier for breakout and the game looks great.  I got a score of 7160 on my last playthrough.

My only suggestions are these:

  • Consider another way to destroy solid blocks other than bombs.  If the grid either fills up with solids by pure chance OR the only living balls get stuck (something that happened to me eventually in every play), the player is stuck.  I would suggest giving each solid brick a very large "health" value that is depleted with every ball hit, to get rid of the stuck ball issue.
  • Allow the player to change the horizontal velocity of the ball somehow, either by hitting a certain part of the paddle, or using the paddle velocity to change the ball velocity.  This would give the player more control over the bottom part of the game.

Anyway, I had fun and would play again :)

I managed to get the ball stuck between solid blocks. It's a shame there is nothing to do left in this situation. Very nice game tho, extremely enjoyable !

this is so stressful! i love it!