A game made for Tweet Tweet Jam 2, a jam that specified games submitted can be a maximum size of 2 tweets, 560 characters.

I'd be a bit hesitant to call this a game as there are no win/lose conditions and there's nothing stopping you from planting as many tiny trees as you like.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this small cartridge. I highly recommend checking out some of the other games submitted for this jam!

Cartridge code (made with Pico 8 0.1.12):

a={1,0,-1,0,0,1,0,-1}c={7,4,4,2,3,11}t={}l=cls r=rnd l()x=32y=32u=128v=256k=8192m=memcpy b=btn while(x<64 and x>0 and y<64 and y>0)do pset(x,y,11)x+=r(2)-1y+=r(2)-1end m(0,k*3,k)l()for j=1,6 do for i=1,8,2 do pal(11,c[j])sspr(0,0,u,u,a[i],a[i+1]-j,v,v)end end m(0,k*3,k)y=232x=v::e::l(12)camera(x-64,y-64)sspr(0,0,u,u,0,0,v*2,v*2)for i=1,8,2 do m=a[i]j=a[i+1]p=pget if(b(i/2)and p(x-m,y-j)==11)x-=m y-=j end if(btnp(4))add(t,{x,y,0}) ?"⌂",v,232,4 for f in all(t)do f[3]+=.1s=3 if(f[3]<5)s=11 ?"|",f[1]+2,f[2],4 ?"●",f[1],f[2]-2,s end ?"웃",x,y,15 flip()goto e
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorCraig Tinney
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Minimalist, PICO-8, tweetjam, tweettweetjam2


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I love how it was submitted 4 days 20 hours before the end of the jam

I love it. You are a skilled dude and I´m impressed how you did that

Oh, thank you very much!

Neat little toy. :) Great walking simulator, if anything!

Thank you for the kind words!!