After releasing my previous game, Tree Planter 8000, I decided that I'm ever to be taken seriously as a game developer, I can't just make nice games about planting trees and I'll have to ramp up the VIOLENCE for my next release.

So on the same day as releasing tree planter, I created this game; They're skulls, not cats, a game set in HELL with SKULLS and VIOLENCE because I 'm a real game developer gosh darn it.

Use the arrow keys to move around and avoid the cats SKULLS for as long as you can!

Made for Tweet Tweet Jam 2

Cartridge code (made with Pico 8 0.1.12):

cls()r=rnd o=128x=64y=64h={}m=memcpy while(x<o and x>0 and y<o and y>0)do pset(x,y,3)x+=r(2)-1y+=r(2)-1end m(0,24576,8192)cls()for i=0,2 do pal(3,2^i)sspr(0,0,o,o,0,-i)end m(0,24576,8192)x=257y=250::q::cls()sspr(0,0,o,o,0,0,512,512)u={-1,1,0,0} for i=1,4 do if(btn(i-1)and pget(x+u[i],y-u[5-i])>1)x+=u[i]y-=u[5-i]end if(r(1)>.9)add(h,{r(o*4),r(o*4)}) for e in all(h)do k=e[1]l=e[2] l-=(l-y)/32k-=(k-x)/32 ?"🐱",k,l,8+r(2) e[1]=k e[2]=l end ?#h,x-62,y-62 for j=-2,2 do for i=-3,1 do if(pget(x+j,y+i)>5)stop()end end ?"웃",x-3,y-4,7 camera(x-64,y-64)flip()goto q
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorCraig Tinney
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, very-serious-video-game


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I don't care that you call them skulls, they're cats in my book.